• Handmade Leather Tool Roll (pick from 3 colours)

  • Chiarugi Bevel Edge Knife (left/Right)

  • Chiarugi Mandrel - Oboe

  • Brass 3mm Wire

  • Convex Ebony Plaque - oboe

  • Ebony Cutting Block 25mm

  • Metal Ruler 15cm

  • Gütterman Thread (pick from 5 colours)

  • 3 Chiarugi Staples 

  • Flat nosed toothlesspliers (Also incredibly useful for repairing your instrument.)

  • 10 pieces of cane 

  • Bee friendly British beeswax

Buying the kit represents a saving of over 10% on buying items individually!

Oboe Luxury Reed Making Kit

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