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Baroque Reeds

"Excellent baroque reeds - responsive with a nice sound"
Gail Hennessy 
Baroque Oboe Reeds
Baroque Oboe Reeds
Baroque Oboe Threads

Baroque Oboe Reeds

IonaReed Baroque Oboe Reeds are of a professional quality and are fully customisable unlike many other reeds on the market. The cane used is Glotin and the shape is the highly popular H82.

Baroque Reed requirements can vary a lot depending on the model of oboe you have, so a bespoke reed will be needed in all cases.

2 Piece Reeds - For Oboes with a Crook

You can choose your reed to be made on one of three different types of staple favoured by baroque oboists depending on what baroque oboe and crook you have:


Cor Anglais No.2 - Slightly Narrower Throat

Cor Anglais No.3 - Slightly Wider Throat

Oboe D'Amore - Shorter Length than Cor Anglais


If you are unsure as to what you might need just let us know - contact us. We can always make a copy of the reed you currently have.

You will also need to specify the length that you will need your reed to be, although the standard length from the thread to tip is 24mm. 

1 Piece Reeds (all in one) - For Oboes with no Crook

All reeds will be made on a one piece staple (57mm long). Like the 2 piece reeds, you will need to specify the length you require from the top of the thread to the tip of the reed. As this is a bespoke premium reed, you can also choose the thread you would like your reed to be bound with at the bottom from a selection of beautiful colours.

the standard length from the thread to tip is 24mm.


All reeds are wired.

If you have a specific requirement - e.g. you would like a thinner tip - please inform me when you are placing your order. Please Note: The length of the scrape cannot be substantially


Please allow at least 2 weeks for reeds to be dispatched as all reeds are made to order.

T&C's & Returns






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