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The Blue Reeds


These reeds are of a professional level, made from specially selected, highest quality cane. The cane selected has a mature and free sound which is always important for the solo performer.


The reeds are profiled and then hand-finished to achieve a flexible but mature and rich, 'chocolatey' tone and a solid intonation in the upper register. Perfect for all oboists who prefer a reed with a firmer resistance.


All reeds are wired. The standard length of this reed is 72mm length (this can be adjusted upon request).

If you have a specific requirement - e.g. you would like a thin tip - please inform me when you are placing your order. Please Note: The length of the scrape cannot be substantially altered.

Most orders should be sent within 2 weeks of placing the order. If it will take longer than this, you will be contacted.

T&C's & Returns


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