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Cork Remedy

Picture of Cork Grease

This all new IonaReed Cork Remedy is a handmade 100% natural and petroleum free cork grease.

This grease not only lubricates your cork, it also helps to maintain the health of the corks on your instrument and your oboe reeds.

IonaReed's Cork Remedy is now packaged in 100% recyclable packaging made from cardboard and is also made using bee-friendly beeswax from Dorset  All other ingredients of our Cork Remedy are 100% natural and 100% sustainably sourced, not to mention being handmade by us here in the UK. 

The predominant amount of cork grease products on sale around the world are made of petroleum-based ingredients. These have been found to be not only bad for your corks - causing them to turn black and gunky over time - but can actually break down the glues which lie underneath the cork. This causes the cork to loosen, spin around on the tenon joint and eventually degrade and break apart.


Keeping the corks healthy is a vital part of maintaining your instrument, reducing stresses on delicate exterior feather keys when assembling and also keeping it completely air tight. By using IonaReed's natural cork grease you will reduce the amount you need to apply to the instrument joints, and this in turn will reduce the depression of the corks, keeping your instrument air tight and the corks nice and spongy.

Allergens: This product contains Lanolin 

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