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At IonaReed I never compromise on quality.

Why I Am Different...

I am a player like you. So I wanted a consistent, warm-sounding reed. Something environmentally friendly. Recycleable. But never sacrificing quality. 

So I made one.

IonaReeds are made by hand here in the UK. Every single reed is given expert attention right from splitting the cane all the way to final adjustments needed before delivery.

All reeds are made from the same high quality medium to medium-hard strength cane and then profiled to adjust the resistance to suit the players. This, combined with the wide shape and quality materials, results in every single reed across our range producing a warm and pleasant tone.

All IonaReeds are of a professional level and are painstakingly tried and tested with precision skills.

Any reed not passing the test of flexiblity, freedom of sound and rich tone is discarded!


All IonaReed Reeds are tied on using 100% natural, bee-friendly beeswax.


The wax is sourced in Dorset where bees can forage from a huge array of plants and crops which have been planted especially for them.


I do not use clear nail varnish as it produces harmful gases when manufactured, is bad for the skin, and is harmful when inhaled over long periods of time during the reed making process.


All my reeds are made using biodegradable cling film which is made in the UK and breaks down completely within 2 years (faster than straw & twigs), unlike standard cling film which will never truly biodegrade.


 A reed purchased from IonaReed is made up of 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable parts.

The Eco Reed

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